Welcome to Phoenix Feline Furniture, home of the finest custom cat stands you'll ever see! Phoenix Feline Furniture is the one and only place to go for beautiful, hand-made cat stands. These sturdy and beautiful works of art will not only help save your furniture, but have your cat purrrrring for years to come. Isn't that what counts?

We've made hundreds of cats (and owners) blissfully happy. The cats love the uniqueness, comfort and unbridled fun of the cat stand designs. The owners love the fact that they're so artfully crafted that they stand up as well as any piece of furniture and are a great conversation piece as well!

From one cat lover to another, Mark Phoenix crafts each stand with a lot of heart and a whole lot of imagination. A born beachcomber, Mark searches the most ecologically friendly beaches of Vancouver Island for that "just right" piece of driftwood. Limited only by his imagination he hoists the soon-to-be cat stand onto his back and hauls it back to his workshop.

You owe it to yourself and your feline companion to take a look at this one best option for a custom cat stand.